The Subways are awesome!!

In 2010 The Subways announced, that they plan to release a new album in 2011. They figured, that for their fans is a great way to follow the making of the album. You could make a pledge and get some Subways things, like signed CDs, special merchandise, small concerts… The funds of this pledge were going to two charities.

So, I pledged back then. I payed almost the smallest amount of money. When the album was released in September I got a signed CD and I was very happy! But a couple of weeks later there arrived a second package from UK. In it was some merchandise and a empty CD cover. So, I was happy again! When I wanted to put it away, I saw that at the back of the cover there was some text. At first I thought it’s part of the artwork, but then I read it:

The Subways greeting

And that’s why The Subways are awesome. They aren’t as big as U2, but they have a really big fanbase meanwhile. So it’s pretty nice that they’re writing every pledger a small greeting.

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