Dreaming about an Apple TV

… or should I say a very big display made by Apple for your living room?

Today I spent hours philosophising about such a gadget. I think meanwhile it’s out of discussion that an Apple TV will come to market some time. Hopefully it’ll be later this year. That would match perfectly with my relocation plans. 🙂

We thought about which features would Apple pick for a TV. I think it’s possible that this big display could disregard typical TV functions like tuning, videotext, recording, …. Some would say that an TV from Apple wouldn’t even come as an ordinary TV, but just as a very big display. All content would come over the air out of iTunes in the iCloud and the Macs in the LAN. Such a thing would work in the US, maybe. But not in the rest of the world, where services like hulu and Netflix are not available. So I think if Apple wants to sell this TV ouside of the US they have to provide the typical TV functions.
Otherwise I think the features which are set include iMessage, email, browsing, Apps (games!), FaceTime, Siri and watching movies, series and hearing music from iTunes (obviously). Because of iMessage, FaceTime and email it will need something like notifications. Apps and especially games may be a very big thing for this gadget, because this would it turn to a proper Apple games console.

But what kept our discussion really kept going was the remote question. It’s clear that Apple will not add a common TV remote with 475 buttons. 🙂 So my friend argued that the TV has to ship with something like a small iPod touch as a remote. Anyway the remote should have a display so that it’s relatively easy to write iMessages, emails and urls in the browser. Speaking of the browser … how would browsing work? A possible way could be a coursor on the screen which is controlled by this touchpad-thingy. But for my part, this feels not like an Apple like solution. So, whats strange here? I think Apple wouldn’t ship a expensive iPod touch whithout storage although everyone who owns an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad wouldn’t use it. But it’s true that they can’t assume that every buyer has a iPhone. So I think the standard remote would be the alu remote we all know. Texting with this thing is not easy but possible. Moreover you can use Siri for texting (if you turn the sound off). Everything else is comfortable possible with the normal remote. But it’s not a perfect solution. The perfect solution would be if every customer owns one of the present i-gadgets.

We see it’s not easy to find a sweet solution for an Apple like TV. But I trust in Apple. I hope and think they are able to present us a great entertainment and communication station for the living room in fall. The iPad made first steps to bring communication from the “PC room” to the living room where you can easily share it with your family members. The Apple TV could perfect this task.

Diclaimer: I’m a good listener, but not much of an english writer. So excuse my spelling, please. If there are big mistakes, I would appreciate a clue, so I can learn. 😉

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