Chocolat is my text editor of choice! I use it since it was in an early beta. Finally, some days ago, I bought it. Actually I thought the price of $49 would be too much for me. But when the beta phase ended and I had to switch back to other editors like SubEthaEdit and SublimeText 2 I felt the pain. After a half an hour customizing Sublime Text 2 I pushed the buy button. What I like about Chocolat is its extremely pragmatic design. There is nothing what distracts you from your work. Coda for example looks very stylish but it is not that useful. That said, Chocolat is stylish, too. But in a very minimalistic way. On addition in Chocolat are many short-keys available. So it’s easy to navigate through your files and code. What I find very convenient is that if you open several files in the same directory, Chocolat assumes this directory as your actual project-directory. I like that because in fact that’s almost always true. I hope my investment will be worth it! 🙂

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