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Several month ago I abandoned WordPress in favour of Octopress. My old WordPress installation was a big mess. I upgraded it since Version 1.7 and changed the language more than one time. As result my blog was awfully slow. Even after I deleted most of the installed plug-ins the blog kept failing. In my frustration I looked for a different approach and I discovered Octopress. Octopress is, to put it simply, a Ruby script which generated static HTML files out of Markdown formatted text files. The advantage is that there is no server side dynamic programming language like PHP. Everything lies ready to watch on the server. The problem is that after every new blog post you have to recompile the whole thing and upload it. That makes it almost impossible to write blog posts on the go. Additionally it requires much more effort to bring a new post to the world wide web. After months of silence I decided to try WordPress again. This time I installed a new plain version of the newest english version of WordPress and imported my old articles with the standard import tool. It worked out fine. The performance issues I had before are gone, too. So, I think WordPress isn’t as slow as I thought, but it is (or was) not very ambitioned to remove unnecessary files from old versions. If I will ever come to the point where I’m satisfied with the design, there will be more activity in this blog. 🙂

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