The City Bike Transition

The weekend after I received all parts I started the MTB to City Bike transition.

I began with the tubeless conversion of my wheels. They came without rim type installed so I had to attack some. This was rather easy. I tried to inflate the tyres without first mounting them with a tube — and failed … aigain. After I found a tube which was more or less fitting — I used a 29" tube although I was working on 26" wheels — I was able to inflate the tyre instantly. The tyre has to be inflated once before it works without a tube. But after that it is pretty easy. I filled in the tubeless sealant and shaked the wheel around. The following day I kept a close eye at the wheels because sometimes the sealant takes a couple of days to seal the tyre reliably. Two days after the conversion I hat to stop at a gas station on my way to work because my rear tyre was almost flat. But since then the tyres are seal.

The rest of the assembly was pretty straight forward although it was mostly the first time I did it. The crank arm was easily removed and the new one was likewise easily installed. Same with the cassette and the rear derailleur. The only thing that took a bit of trial and error was the adjustment of the rear derailleur. At first it didn’t shift very good. I had to adjust it with its screws and try a bit with the position of the Bowden cable. When I was finished the shifting worked, but ther was still a faint clicking sound. I figured that it will be gone after a couple of kilometres, and that’s exaclty what happened.

I’m using my new 1×11 City Bike now for two weeks and I love it already. It feels so smooth to ride and shift. Somehow the one by shifting feels very solid, smooth and accurate. I can only imagine how the top of the line 1×12 SRAM Eagle will feel.

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