Die Trainingsbibel für Radsportler

Training knowledge

I have a bit of time at hand right now, so I decided to put my knowledge about training on a more solid scientific foundation. Since I started my training again last autumn I felt that I should individualise my training more. Until now I used a simple training plan scheme I found on the website of a german mountainbike magazine. Put it always felt like this was rather suboptimal.

The plan I used consisted of five different weeks. Each week hat a different goal: endurance, strength, intensity, race and recovery. I just mixed those weeks like I thought it could be useful. But there was no adjustment to my performance level. I think that can be critical.

One guy in the IBC recommended The Cyclist’s Training Bible1 by Joe Friel. It seems to be a standard work of training theory. I will read it in the next days and try to generate a training plan for the rest of my year with it.

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