Back to the roots: WordPress

Huh, what’s going on, I’m back on WordPress.

Almost three years back I switched my blog software from WordPress to Publify. My WordPress installation was old and slow and it felt like it becomes worse with every update. At first I thought about writing a little blog software with Ruby and Rails by myself. But then I found Publify. It is a ready to use Rails blog software. At first all worked well. But from now and then I found a bug. The bugs became more and more and after the last update I wasn’t even able to log in to admin panel. Additionally I wanted to be able to blog from everywhere. Publifys admin interface is not really responsive.

Meanwhile I tried also Medium. What I most liked about it was the editor. It is very clean and easy to use and looks great. I never felt less distracted while putting my thoughts into words. But the disadvantage is that the editor is very limited. There are several items the editor understand and is able to treat them special. For example videos from YouTube or Vimeo, Tweets and of course images. But links to Strava activities get treated like it’s a normal link. That means Medium displays the Strava icon and the title of the Site, in this example that’s the title of the activity. There is no possibility to use Stravas own embed feature because Medium won’t display custom embeds. That means there’s no way to show a map to an activity. But that feature is crucial for me. It bothered me that those Strava links looked to dull. For WordPress there even exists plugin to fit your Strava activities nicely in your posts. Thats the advantage of being mainstream. 😃 1

Over the years my old existing WordPress blog (this one) updated itself with each new release. I tried it occasionally and it became better and better. It was even fast again. So today is the day I switch back to WordPress. For now I use the standard design. It still looks bloody boring but my main focus was on being able to write again. Design will follow.

  1. It was never updated and works no longer due to API changes.


Hurray, illumination der wirklichkeit wird 7. Die letzten Geburtstage habe ich immer vergessen aber jetzt wird das – dank der Planungsmöglichkeit in WordPress – nienienie wieder passieren. Bestimmt.

Die Anfänge sind immernoch hier zu sehen: Naja, fast zumindest. Bis Juni 2004 gehts dort noch zurück. Es fehlen also nur ein paar weniger Monate. Die dürfte zwar eh keiner sehen. Aber ich würde sie gern noch haben. Wäre jetzt sicher interessant.

WordPress 2.7.1

Gerade eben erschien WordPress 2.7.1. Ich habe daher gleich mal das seit Version 2.7 mitgelieferte Update-Tool in der Praxis testen können. Funktionierte wie man sieht wunderbar. 🙂 WordPress 2.7.1 bringt übrigens nur allerhand Bugfixes mit sich und nichts spektakuläres. Selbiges dürfte uns erst wieder mit WordPress 2.8 erwarten.

Wer alles trotz schickem Werkzeug manuell installieren will findet bei WordPress Deutschland DE-Version und Upgradepaket.